Saturday, February 5, 2022

Beautiful Madness Early Release

 So you guys know how I always move up the release date of a book? That's exactly what I did with Kait Silver book 5, Beautiful Madness. :D

It's now releasing on Wednesday, February 9! You still have time to get in your preorder! 

Here's your link. 

I hope you all enjoy the final book in this series.

Now on to something new! 



Thursday, December 2, 2021

New Release! Bad Medicine is LIVE!

 I'm so excited for December. 😁

Snow--maybe. Hot chocolate with marshmallows! Awesome winter boots and mittens! Christmas and decorations and lights and trees and presents! Woooohoooo!


The early release of Kait Silver book 4!

December also holds my birthday, but we won't talk about that right now. 😬

Anyway, here's your link to Bad Medicine. Happy December reading!


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Monday, November 29, 2021

Beautiful Madness

 Remember how I said Bad Medicine, Kait Silver #4 would release early? I didn't lie!

Bad Medicine now has a release date of December 2nd. THREE MORE DAYS! Woot!

There's still time to preorder if you'd like to have it delivered automatically to your Kindle on release day.

Also, the final book in the Kait Siler series is now up for preorder! You can get it HERE.

Here's the cover to Beautiful Madness, book 5. Gorgeous, right?

The blurb is also up and you can read it HERE. Maybe you'll want to go ahead and preorder the book while you're over there! <3

Also, if you prefer paperbacks, Broken Moon, Kait Silver #1, is now available in print! 

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Saturday, November 20, 2021

Bad Medicine, Kait Silver 4

 Book four in the Kait Silver series is coming! It has a release date of January, but will be releasing early. Likely within the next 2-3 weeks, depending on editing. Yay! If you haven't preordered yet, you can do that here. 

By the way, Bad Medicine, book four, has the most preorders I've had ever. Thank you guys for making it happen.

And I've got your blurb. :) 

Do you know what’s stronger than a wolf shifter?

A shapeshifter.

A shapeshifter is stronger than a wolf shifter.

When I discover a shapeshifting serial killer is targeting human women in my city, I have to go after him.

Even though he's more powerful than me.

Even though he says we're exactly the same. 

Even though there's a connection between us.

He believes he's only taking out the trash, that the women he slaughters deserve their punishment. Too bad for him no one else agrees. They want him stopped.

And too bad for us that stopping him is nearly impossible.

The council sends me after him and tells me to bring him to them alive. They don't have to give me orders when it comes to the shapeshifter, because as long as he's free, he's going to be a danger to Lucy. And I'll do whatever I need to do to protect her.

But things get complicated when Adam Thorne has his goons attack me...

and guess who saves my life?

Yeah. The shapeshifter.

Add in a protective alpha who grows hotter with every passing night, a detective who is starting to remember things that may destroy him, and an enemy with a past that'll break your heart, and my life becomes one big chaotic mess.

What's new, right?

Then there's the dawning realization that my own past holds a long-buried secret, a secret my gut tells me I don't want to dig up. There are truths that will change everything I thought I knew about my father, my mother, and most of all, myself.

I want to keep that secret hidden in the shadows, but it's creeping out.

Slowly, inexorably, painfully, it's coming.

It's coming.


Get Bad Medicine

Haven't started the series yet? Here's Broken Moon, Kait Silver book 1.

Or you can get the entire series.

Also, Kait Silver paperbacks are coming! I'll get the proof to Broken Moon on the 23rd, and if it's good to go, I'll release the paperback. The others will follow shortly. 

Audiobooks are coming, as well, but I don't have a release date on those just yet.


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