A woman fleeing an abusive relationship finds herself caught in the hypnotic gaze of an interested master vampire, but when a murder victim calls from the grave, will she risk her life to answer?

It has taken Kate Hayden nine long years to escape Jonas, her sadistic husband.
Scarred, injured, and full of secrets, she stops to rest in Harbinger Bend. Almost immediately she is bombarded with visions and the supernatural gifts she thought she'd lost forever return full force.
Unable to leave town, she finds refuge in a vampire hotel and is taken under the fierce protection of Quillan Bouchard, the master of Harbinger Bend.
She pushes away the past as she embraces her freedom, rediscovers her heart, and remembers what it's like to be alive.
But when darkness arrives and enemies clash, who will be standing when the smoke clears?


"Harbinger Bend does not disappoint. It was dark...
After reading the Rune Alexander series I was so excited for a new book and Harbinger Bend does not disappoint. It was dark, gritty, sexy. I loved Kate, although I was hesitant at first and at times I wanted to scream at her! She was dealt an awful hand and I loved that I got to see her transition into a strong character who fought for herself. And Quill! Without a doubt my new favorite book boyfriend. It's so rare to find a book where the lead man comes across as alpha without being a misogynist and the way he treated the women around him was so endearing and made him a wonderful character. Overall great book and I look forward to what this author has in store for us."

"Great ride from the start!
I love Laken Cane and this is yet another amazing novel. Also a great book for new readers who haven't read her yet. Wonderful world-building, solid characters, and the many elements of the book intertwine well to create an awesome action-packed love story."

"...I loved the mystery of trying to find out who killed Anna and then when the murders are revealed it was so unexpected! I love when things surprise me and you don't see things coming. I loved Quillan and how he's so determined to protect Kate even though she's human. Eleanor is awesome I wouldn't mind reading a story about her she's just so badass and I loved that she was protective of Quillan's feelings. This story is so fun, the mystery, the romance, the paranormal, the wonderful characters. It's definitely different than other Laken Cane books but just as awesome! I enjoyed that there was more romance which has always been my favorite genre but it would still appeal to paranormal/urban fantasy readers as well."

"A book i thoroughly enjoyed.
Laken Cane really knows how to write a character that you can get behind. Kate and Quillan are a really intense and fantastic duo. The romance is subtle but sizzling and the plot is interesting and engaging. This book has a way of crawling in and staying the night. I read it cover to cover in a couple of hours and I plan to reread it because it was just that good. This was a book I was sorry to see end, and I am looking forward to reading more from this author."

"Great book!
Amazing book! This story is full of mystery and intrigue as Kate finds herself stranded and alone in Harbinger Bend. She catches the eye and interest of the local vamp master, meanwhile the dead are demanding their time with Kate as well. Laken Cane ventured well into a new genre with this paranormal romance, but staying true to her trademark style, there is a great side of urban fantasy action as well."

"Very pleasantly surprised.
Not what I've come to expect from Laken, but it was pretty amazing. An abused leading lady taking back her power (literally and figuratively) and a sexy, protective vampire. Throw in a murder mystery, a sadistic husband, and sweetly homicidal vampires, you've got a terrific book! I actually hoped this was a series. Maybe?!?"

"Vampires, werewolves and romance oh my.
Kate the abused wife of a werewolf runs and stumbles into a vampires town. Kate has visions and sees the death of a well liked girl in the town of Harbinger Bend. She has caught the attention of head vamp Quill. Has an deranged werewolf on her heels. Good story line and character development. Give it a chance and you won't regret it."

"Loved it!
Ms. Cane never disappoints, she is a master storyteller and could entertain the dead. A beautiful romance with a dark twist, swoon!!"
~T Chancellor

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