Fan of the series? Send me your pictures with the crew so I can put them here :)

The above is Jennifer, an awesome fan of Shiv Crew. When I asked her which of the crew was her favorite, she said this:
"Berserker.  I am Team Berserker!  But don't tell the others I said that... Especially the other twin...I want to have his baby.  Or Jennifer Strad Matheson or or Raze, sigh...  We won't even DISCUSS Z....  Owen isn't secure in my heart yet, I'm not sure about his sneaky self."


This picture is from Jamie. Her adorable puppy (Piglet) likes the crew too! Jamie says her favorite crew member is Strad, the berserker. That man has a lot of fans. ;)

This is Jerah. She says, "I love Rune!! She is probably my favorite, but Strad and Ellis are not far behind by any measure! I love them all! Except Owen...I haven't got to read enough of him yet to figure it out."


This is Pamela and Lily. Pamela says, "My favorite is Ellis. Love him!"


This is Cheryl--Cheryl with the gorgeous black hair! ;) She says, "My favorite character is hard to pinpoint. Rune, Lex or Ellis. But i guess if i have to choose one, it would be Rune."

This is Tiffany, one of my favorite nurses. She says, "I am so team Berserker!!!!!!!!!! Of course I have a feeling I am about to get shaken up a little by Owen!" (I have a feeling you are right, Tiffany!)

This is Dawn, a great supporter of Shiv Crew. She's a member of my amazing street team, Cane's Crew. Actually, she and another fan were the ones to come up with the winning name for the street team. I can always count on Dawn for anything Shiv Crew related--spreading the word, helping me out with pictures and merchandise, saying things that make my head grow... ;)

More of Dawn! 

This is the beautiful Heidi. She is tireless in helping get my name out to other readers and has given my books some of the best reviews ever! ♥

This is Tammy, another beautiful girl who belongs to Cane's Crew. She is an amazingly supportive fan, and her wonderful, encouraging words stay with me when I'm writing.


The gorgeous Sasha, member of Cane's Crew, reviewer extraordinaire, and one of my most supportive fans. The girl loves her Shiv Crew! ;)


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