Sunday, May 12, 2019

New Character, New World, New Addiction!

Happy Mother's Day!

It's also Happy Release Day for me! :D

My new urban fantasy MARKED, EDGEFIELD SLAYERS 1 is now live on Amazon, and it's on sale today only! It's also in KU.

I'm pretty sure you guys are going to love it.

Making mistakes is part of life.
But sometimes, a mistake can cost you everything.

When her world is invaded by an influx of demons, slayer Krista Lennox calls upon something even worse to help her defeat them.

Too bad he's more inclined to cause her trouble than to fix her problems. And too bad he thinks she's...interesting.

As the city begins to lose hope and Krista's situation becomes dire, she knows two things for sure.

Magic is not enough.
And time is running out.

"If you like snark and humor with your emotion and darkness, kickass female protagonists and dangerous, protective men, you need to read this series!"

Here's the link:



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