Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Final Silverlight Available Now!

Lightbringer, Silverlight #4, is live on Amazon!

If you haven't read the series yet, pick it up and binge read this dark paranormal now.


Death, rebirth, change...
and Darkness.

Trinity struggles with her new reality, but her biggest challenge isn't the tug-of-war within.

She must mature quickly to face a formidable opponent--a powerful man known as Darkness--before he destroys everything and everyone she cares about.

He has one target in mind.
The dragon.
But in his pursuit of power, the enemy will threaten everyone in his path--even the most innocent of the supernaturals.

Will Trinity bring the only light capable of defeating Darkness? Or will she lose herself, her sword, and her supernaturals to the one man who can extinguish the light in them all?


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