Monday, August 7, 2017

Nominations and Vampires

Hey guys!
I'm nominated in a few categories over at Reality Bites Magazine--if you're a fan of my books and want to vote for me, you can click the links below and show me some love. <3

1. Horror - Chasing Darkness and We, the Forsaken

2. Sci-Fi - Chasing Darkness 

3. Best Series - Rune Alexander

4. Best Young Adult - We, the Forsaken

5. Dystopian - We, the Forsaken 

6. Dystopian Author - Laken Cane

7. Horror Author - Laken Cane

8. Best Fantasy - Chasing Darkness

Thanks to everyone for your votes. You guys are awesome and I'm glad you enjoy the books!
In other news, the vampire romance has a title!
I posted a little about the book in the Shiv Crew group--short blurb, excerpt, some info, and asked for suggestions. I got many amazing suggestions, but in the end I chose 8 of the ones I liked the most for this book, and popped them up in a poll so everyone could vote for their favorite.
The winning title was submitted by Ken Relyea and is simply the name of the town in which the story takes place-- Harbinger Bend.
Pretty great, right? I'm nearing the end of this book, as you can see by checking out the word count meters on this site. Soon I'll post a proper blurb and the cover.
Here are the two hooks/short blurbs:
#1. A murder victim calls from the grave, and an abused woman must risk her life to answer.
#2. A woman fleeing an abusive relationship finds herself caught in the hypnotic gaze of an interested master vampire.
Stay tuned for more updates on Harbinger Bend! 

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