Friday, July 21, 2017

Like most authors, I have doubts about my books. I worry about making an impact. About anyone caring. About whether or not they touch anybody.

Then I get comments like this one:

"Laken, thank you for reacting. As well as for your work and your words. Your books have inspired me every single time I read them. I am my monster. My monster is me. You don't know how much those words tripped something in me to fully accept all of my issues and to LOVE myself for them.

There are very few writers like you, who tackle these issues head on, and combine that with skill in writing so beautifully that it makes your readers REALIZE and ACCEPT. Doesn't matter that it's fiction, that it's paranormal, that it's not going to be a world I'll ever be in. It's still life. I'm lucky to have found my way to reading those authors' works (You, Catherine Gayle, Author Faleena Hopkins, Irish Winters are at the top of that list.) So again, thank you."
~Ta Galvez


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