Monday, June 26, 2017

Rune Alexander book 10, Chasing Darkness, is now available. You can get it here at Also in Kindle Unlimited!

Here's one of the first reviews!

"The Rune Alexander series has to be one of the most brilliantly written paranormal series I have ever read.

From the beginning, it is the fastest-paced, take-no-prisoners, no one is safe kind of read. The author has an incredible ability of writing that weaves these threads throughout the main storyline. These bits might not get their endings until future books, but when they do, it is so worth the wait. Book 10 is no exception. We finally get some of the answers, but not all. Which is great because it means Rune's journey isn't over!

This time, we get to learn more about Kader, Rune's heart is wickedly tested, something that has weighed heavily on Rune since she had lost it finds its way back to her, and there is a heart-stopping shock to the system at the very end. While Rune and her team fight to get back what was stolen from them, the reader is whipped through the story at a breakneck speed. This is the kind of book you cannot put down, so be prepared and plan accordingly.

I loved this book. Even after 10 books, the journey hasn't slowed, and Rune is still never safe. She is tested in every way possible in this book. And she may be losing the one person she cannot live without. I am hoping it is only temporary, but with Rune, you never know. If you can't quite remember all the previous books, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on at least the previous few. If you love a book that breaks the rules, Rune is for you. Such an amazing ride! Be prepared for an ending you never saw coming. You have been warned."
~Reviewed by Heidi Ryan

Here's the link! Get your copy today :)
Amazon RA series page

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