Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I spent the day trying to figure out better ways to promote the books. You guys, writing is easy compared with working to get the books out there. Anyway, I read some articles, changed some keywords on Amazon, tweeted, posted on Instagram, posted on FB, and did some research.

I even managed to get in some exercise! (Then I ate part of a banana cream pie but we won't discuss that.)

Rune Alexander book 10 (yes, I have the title, blurb, and the cover, but it'll be 'book 10' until I have the release party!) is coming along nicely--all bloody and violent and full of darkness and emotion, just the way you all like it. :)

Shiv Crew is $0.99 and is free for those of you on KU, so please--if you're reading this, go get the book, tell someone you know, blog, tweet, or FB the link. I'd appreciate it so much. I could use your help getting this book out to more readers.

The link to SHIV CREW is

I'm off to get in a few hours of writing. Have a great evening, everybody!



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