Sunday, April 2, 2017


Be sure to check out the photos under the CREWSADERS tab for updated pictures fans have sent me. They're wearing Shiv Crew shirts and they look AMAZING!
Keep sending me photos, guys. I've gotten pictures of you guys in the shirts, holding the books, wearing Rune for Halloween, even fan art!
I love them all.

To give you an update on the writing progress, I'm currently working hard on getting Rune Alexander #10 finished. I posted an excerpt in the Shiv Crew group--mainly because I'd pulled an April Fools' Day joke that wasn't too funny, haha. I informed the group that I was no longer writing Rune Alexander, but instead was going to concentrate on a romantic comedy about a gardener and her love for a garden gnome who was hiding from the law.

Some of them believed me, which made me feel pretty bad. (And amused, but we won't talk about that :D )

I don't actually know when I'll be ending the RA series, but I'm pretty sure there'll be a couple more before it's over.

As soon as #10 is finished I'll concentrate more on Forsaken 2 and Waifwater 2--I'm working on them now, but in bits and pieces and pretty slowly.

The weather is amazing today, and between the sunshine and the giraffe watching, it's hard to concentrate! But concentrate I will--I'll ignore the sunshine and get away from YouTube. But seriously. Come ON, April! :D

Off to work. Talk with you guys soon!

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