Friday, March 17, 2017

"I think that everyone, at one point, goes through a period, or periods, of time where they just need an escape. My escape is books. It's one I have been using since I was a child.

I started reading about Rune and Shiv Crew by accident. I was checking out my recommendations on Goodreads, and it just popped up.

It was February, 2014. I had some troubles. Pervasive depression, anxiety, family craziness, severe family illnesses. I blew through the first three books at warp speed. Then I waited for Obsidian Wings, and New Regime.

New Regime, I read that one just when I needed it. I lost someone important to me, and it helped me escape, literally days after the funeral. Now, all the way up through Killing Land - Rune still helps me escape.

When I don't want to think about nurses, lost loved ones, responsibility, panic attacks, or bills - I read. And yeah, it might sound a little odd to some people to say that a dark urban fantasy character helps - but she does.

She doesn't stop. She doesn't give up - even when truly horrible stuff is happening to her, or around her. I like to think that we can absorb some of that if/when we need it. Words have power, even if it's just the power to make you think, "I got this".

So thanks Rune, and Laken :)"


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