Wednesday, February 1, 2017

So I plan to release We, the Forsaken on Friday, Feb 3. Two days! I'll post as soon as it's available on Amazon.

The cover is just a tiny bit different-- I had the title font color changed to a lighter color to contrast better with the red.  I'm happy with it. I have book two's cover all ready to go as well, and look forward to showing that one to you guys! Not just yet though. I'll wait until I'm close to finished with the book. I have the title for it already, too. Hey, I don't mess around! Okay, sometimes I do, but not this time!

I just finished watching Shameless, season 8. I binged watched all eight seasons, and now I have no idea what show I'm going to lose myself in. Oh, I want to remind you all about the T-shirts. We have shirts for adults, and I've added some Shiv Crew onesies for the babies, too--and they are SUPER cute. If you buy one for your kid or for yourself, send me a picture of you and your kid so I can post it! The baby onesies are only available until Tuesday, and the adult Shiv Crew T-shirts are available until Valentine's Day.

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