Monday, October 17, 2016

Kill Switch blurb

When a young girl comes to Rune for help, Rune and the crew are thrown into a strange case involving a type of monster they've never seen before.

As they follow the trail of bodies he leaves behind, they discover their new bad guy is just one thread in the tapestry of lies and deceit they must unravel to get to the truth.

With the River County Others still struggling to survive in a cold, hostile world, Rune continues to protect them as she leads her crew into a vicious battle against one of the Annex's most brutal adversaries.

In this ninth installment of the series, Rune is faced with heartbreaking loss, breathtaking surprises, and unimaginable horror.

But her life has been forever changed with the stunning arrival of a perfect, shining light. Her darkness will never again be quite so grim, but will she be able to triumph over the forces that work so tirelessly to defeat her?


Coming soon!


  1. Oh man when is the release date. I devoured all 8 books in a week in a half. And woo the ending to killing land is killing me to find out what's next. Can't wait.

    1. It's nearly ready. :) I'll post as soon as it's up on Amazon!