Saturday, October 22, 2016

Get your Kill Switch today! The price is currently set at $2.99 but goes up to $3.99 on the 29th.

Review snippets:

"...Always in a rush get to somewhere that I can take a break. I never do and I always end up finishing this book in one sitting and it cracks me up." "I already can't wait for book 10."

"Laken Cane weaves a fantastic story and hooks you from the first, cliffhanger yes!! Blood yes!! Mayhem and death? Yes!!!"
~Kindle Customer

" Laken can have you crying one minute, fantasizing over one or more, cheering the next scene or yelling at the next, then raging, and then hoping and wishing for something or someone and do it all over again."
~Norma Ross

"...I was hurting so bad for her. Please Laken, please, hurry hurry hurry. I have to know what happens!!!!
Would I recommend? Need you even ask..."
~Shela Jarnagin

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