Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Look Back

Excerpt from Shadows Past, the Rune Alexander short. Buy it HERE.

“Go home, Rune. Get some coffee and sleep. I’ll call you.” He began tapping on his computer keyboard, ignoring her.
He looked up. “What, Rune? What is it?”
She put her palms on his desk and leaned toward him. “If you kill that kid, I’m going to rip your fucking head off.”
His eyes widened, just slightly.
“It might take me a little while,” she continued, “but I swear I will end you.”
His fear made him angry. He stood, pushing his chair back so hard it hit the wall. “Don’t threaten—”
They both snapped their heads around to look toward the door, where Strad Matheson waited.
He stared back at them, his face bland, but his eyes…
Rune stepped back, and not taking her stare from the berserker, she strode to the doorway. “Move.” Her voice cracked, and she cleared her throat before trying again. “Move the fuck out of my way, Berserker.”
Without a word he stepped from the room to let her pass.
She didn’t turn around to look as she walked away, but she didn’t have to. Strad was watching her. She felt his stare like a physical thing, heavy and grim upon her back, until at last she was out of sight of those raging blue eyes.

-Shadows Past
Book 5.5 in the Rune Alexander series

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