Friday, June 10, 2016

A Favorite Review

One of my absolute favorite reviews--

"Ok, ya know how most authors take you to the gates of hell with a character and then a hero, best friend or passing dog saves the day and nothing truly horrible happens to the hero? Yeah - well this ain't that book.

Cane takes you to the edge and without slowing down throws you over and just in case that isn't bad enough you smack your head on each and every rock on the way down.

Jeez, Rune and the twins just - wow. READ THIS SERIES. If you have only $20 to spend on books for the year - these are the ones you want.

This series is like the "Breaking Bad" of books - so completely off the charts with violence yet the characters are so intricately built that even if you hate a character you can still relate on some level.

I have started to reread the series just to get more snippets of background on each member of the Crew. Missing Z like crazy (sweet thing) but need more on Jack.

Book 4 sets us up for a mystery surrounding Owen. Jury still out on Strad - at least for me. He has hurt Rune too many times, although it was so incredibly sexy when he threatened Owen and basically any guy interested in Rune.

Amazing story lines, emotionally overwhelming mostly because they are so frantic and well developed that your adrenaline builds just so you aren't left behind after the Crew finishes the fight. Bring on book 5 and many, many more - I don't want to leave."
~FJ, Amazon review



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