Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book 9, A New Series, and Covers :)

Hi everybody!

I'm slow to post on my website--not a good thing, I know. I do have a few things to tell you!

First, book 9 of the Rune Alexander series is titled and has a cover, though the book isn't finished yet:

I hope you guys like the cover! I'll post as soon as I'm finished. I'll also be putting Kill Switch up for preorder, and will let you know when it's ready--so keep an eye out! Also, you can follow or friend me on Facebook where updates are regular. My FB is a little less neglected than this website! Plus, there is the Shiv Crew FB group and Cane's Crew street team, and you're more than welcome to join both.

In other news, I'm writing a new series. Yup, you read that right! It's a paranormal romance series, and instead of focusing on the same characters for each book, the way I do with Rune Alexander, this series is going to feature new characters from the town of Waifwater with each book.

Here is the cover and title for the first book in the Waifwater Chronicles. It is a WIP and I will post when the book is available for preorder. :) I hope you guys will come to love the new series as much as you do the RA series!

The following is a tentative blurb for Unbreakable. Likely it will change a little when I'm finished with book one.
This is Abby and Eli's story. 

Cursed in horrible ways by a powerful and vindictive woman long, long ago, Abby Cameron has become a reclusive witch living in the woods of the town of Waifwater.

She keeps to herself as much as possible, but must earn a living by doing readings and selling various enchanted potions, charmed herbs, and weak spells--all relatively harmless.

But when a member of Waifwater's Black Feather Pack comes calling, desperate for help escaping her abusive alpha, Abby's tender heart makes her forget her level head, and she gives the girl a powerful fade spell.

A few days later, the alpha, angry and accusing, pays Abby a visit--and she realizes she has made a terrible mistake.
As she comes to know the alpha, Abby's feelings for him deepen, and she soon finds herself in dangerous, heartbreaking territory.

She knows the wolf can never love her the way she needs to be loved. He can't see the Abby who lies beneath the hideous surface. All he sees is an ancient, gnarled witch who uses her power to manipulate people.

But when the alpha is injured and Abby must help him heal enough to shift, her attitude changes and she is ready to fight for what she wants--despite the cruel, unbreakable curse.

And what she wants is the wolf.

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