Saturday, August 22, 2015

From a guy...

"After taking a gamble and branching out into the Urban Fantasy genre, I picked up Laken Cane’s Shiv Crew.  It was well rated on Amazon and Good Reads at the time so I thought “what the hell, why not?”  I was so glad I did!

If you’re looking for something warm and fuzzy with a sweet ending, you’re in the wrong place.  This series is anything but a happy ending.  However, it’s real and dark and gritty.

Rune Alexander feels like a real person, with real troubles, and a serious problem accepting something so dark that once you get to chapters 6 – 8, unless you’re completely heartless, you will be put to tears.

For a guy, who reads pretty heavy stuff and plays games with brutal content, this was rough even for me.  Since the first book, I’ve read them all and still think this was the best of the series.  The kick to the feels so early in the series sets the tone that makes Laken’s books something very special and engaging to read."

~Michael Secretan

SHIV CREW, book one in the Rune Alexander series

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