Monday, August 17, 2015

Early pre-release review of The Witch's Daughter

Review from the proofreader: The Witch's Daughter, the 7th book in the Rune Alexander series by Laken Cane: With a MAJOR cliffhanger at the end of the 6th installment, I was left completely unhinged knowing that we would have to wait for the next book for resolution.

Well, let me tell you folks, the wait is worth it.

The Witch's Daughter shows our beloved and bad ass Rune Alexander thrust into a completely new environment where the rules are not the same, and where she is left to fend without her beloved crew.

This book is over 50 chapters long, and is meaty, juicy, and a joy to sink your teeth into. This installment is completely full of unexpected twists, major revelations, and gut-wrenching action, as well as more than a few emotional punches to the gut. This one is absolutely my new favorite.

~Kelly Eurton Reed


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