Sunday, August 23, 2015

For Gunnar!

Every time someone pre-orders The Witch's Daughter, Gunnar the Ghoul gets a Baby Ruth!
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The Witch's Daughter preorder

Saturday, August 22, 2015

From a guy...

"After taking a gamble and branching out into the Urban Fantasy genre, I picked up Laken Cane’s Shiv Crew.  It was well rated on Amazon and Good Reads at the time so I thought “what the hell, why not?”  I was so glad I did!

If you’re looking for something warm and fuzzy with a sweet ending, you’re in the wrong place.  This series is anything but a happy ending.  However, it’s real and dark and gritty.

Rune Alexander feels like a real person, with real troubles, and a serious problem accepting something so dark that once you get to chapters 6 – 8, unless you’re completely heartless, you will be put to tears.

For a guy, who reads pretty heavy stuff and plays games with brutal content, this was rough even for me.  Since the first book, I’ve read them all and still think this was the best of the series.  The kick to the feels so early in the series sets the tone that makes Laken’s books something very special and engaging to read."

~Michael Secretan

SHIV CREW, book one in the Rune Alexander series

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Early pre-release review of The Witch's Daughter

Review from the proofreader: The Witch's Daughter, the 7th book in the Rune Alexander series by Laken Cane: With a MAJOR cliffhanger at the end of the 6th installment, I was left completely unhinged knowing that we would have to wait for the next book for resolution.

Well, let me tell you folks, the wait is worth it.

The Witch's Daughter shows our beloved and bad ass Rune Alexander thrust into a completely new environment where the rules are not the same, and where she is left to fend without her beloved crew.

This book is over 50 chapters long, and is meaty, juicy, and a joy to sink your teeth into. This installment is completely full of unexpected twists, major revelations, and gut-wrenching action, as well as more than a few emotional punches to the gut. This one is absolutely my new favorite.

~Kelly Eurton Reed



I have three things to let you guys know this morning. One, I've lowered the price of Shiv Crew, book one, to $2.99. Please spread the word and let's get some new addicts!

Two, The Witch's Daughter is now up for preorder and has a release date of September 16th! If you plan on buying the book, I'd love you to preorder it. That'd be a big help in getting the book high in the rankings on release day. You can preorder it at

Three, I've started book 8. I'm not going to be slow with this one and I'll update you along the way with title, cover, and excerpts.

<3 you guys!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Review of Strange Trouble

Felicia Wood's review Jun 27, 2015
5 of 5 stars
Review of Strange Trouble I do love it when a series can still surprise you. Rune is coming into her own, while still making stupid mistakes. I'm becoming really attached to these characters, which speaks volumes of the author.
Rune's relationship with each one is special, and I'm beginning to be able to predict what she'll say to each one; but no one knows what her crazy ass is gonna do... Girl's got issues!
Her relationship with "the berserker" is boiling, and some of the transactions are enough to leave your mouth agape. This whole COS (Church of Slayers) thing is getting crazy.
The parallels between what's going here and our real life battles with racism, elitism, homophobia, and the denial of civil rights/ continuous fight for overall equality seems purposefull and is eye-opening when placed in this fantastical setting.
Funny, tear- jerking, mysterious, and steamy; this one was definitely my favorite so far!
Strange Trouble on Amz: