Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SHORT for Christmas

I wrote a Rune Alexander short (around 40 pages) for you guys so you'll have a little Shiv Crew to read while you're waiting for book 6! It's called 'Shadows Past, a Rune Alexander short, #5.5 and is set in the time before book 1, Shiv Crew. I'll likely be writing more of these shorts as they're fun, they give a little peek into the lives of the crew, and we get to revisited lost people.

This short will be released on Christmas 2014 for ninety-nine cents and is up for preorder right now! You can find it HERE.

And here is a look at the amazing cover.

I'm also busy writing book 6, as yet untitled although I'm leaning pretty hard toward 'WORMWOOD ECHOES' so watch for updates on that.

I've been asked to do an anthology with some very talented paranormal/fantasy authors, so am really trying hard to get a novella written for that--entirely different series, though, nothing Shiv Crew. Won't that be interesting? <3

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I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!


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