Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The day is winding down here--I was out for a lot of the day, went to my mom's with the boykid and opened some presents with her, ate too much, came home and got a nice nap, and now have a hot cup of coffee and am sitting here surrounded by my goodies! I'm not sure I could pick out a favorite food or favorite gift this year! I love the skulls I got, the beautiful books, the bookends, the blades--definitely the blades! The Surface 2 and keyboard for when I need to write away from home, the zombies. One of my favorite gifts was the Alchemy Mummified Palmistry Hand. It's beautiful! What was one of your favorite gifts and foods this year?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hi everybody! I want to remind you all that book 5.5, the Rune Alexander short, will be released on Christmas. PREORDER yours now for only $.99 before they're all gone! Haha, just kidding. We won't run out. ;)

Life is so busy this time of year. Or, I guess I should say, extra busy! I spent the day yesterday shopping (I know, I know, but my mom wanted to go and she doesn't do the whole online shopping thing) and it was...hectic.

Everyone seemed determined to do their shopping yesterday, so every place we went was packed full of harried adults and unhappy children. Yikes.

Every year on his birthday, Father's Day, and Christmas, I get my dad a decently hefty gift card to a different restaurant, because my dad would rather go out to a sit down restaurant and eat than get tools he no longer needs, or clothes, or electronics. He doesn't like to read, except for the bible.

Now, he does like guns and knives, so I got him a nice knife as well.

I got the mom a few odds and ends but also a gift card. She likes the universal gift cards so she can spend them wherever she likes and get things she wants instead of things I might want for her. :)

My son and I have gone more each year toward spending a quiet Christmas at home, eating treats and opening gifts and drinking hot chocolate. We'll have dinner out at a restaurant. I used to cook big meals and invite the extended family, but decided that won't happen anymore unless I hire a cook and clean up crew. :) It's just too much--especially with the very same thing happening a month earlier on Thanksgiving!

I should hate this time of year--several horrific things have happened to me and my family over the last few years in November and December. I should hate it. Not really hate, maybe, but break down when it comes. But I don't. Instead, I do every possible thing I can do to make it a happy time of year. To push away the bad stuff and make good things happen. It's not easy, but I am nothing if not determined.

And I realize how very lucky I am. Everyone has pain. Everyone has experienced tragedy. But I have my home, my son, my friends. I provide for myself doing the job I love most in the world--writing books. I have people who love me, even though I usually hide away in my writing cave because of, you know, the whole introvert thing. :)

My life is good. I need to remember that. To appreciate it. My life is pretty awesome.

A new year is coming up. Go out there and make your life what you want it to be. It's yours. <3

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Monday, December 15, 2014

String Dolls

I've decided to try making those cute little string dolls, or voodoo dolls, I've been seeing everywhere. I love them! I just started last night so mine leave something to be desired, but I'll have awesome ones soon. I'm going to model them after the members of Shiv Crew. I guess mine will be...wait for it....

Crewdoo dolls. ;)

Here's what I've done so far:

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Preorder Available for Shadows Past!

Early read and review of my short, Shadows Past--

(5 stars) "Shadows Past is the first short story in the Rune Alexander series -book 5.5- and let me just say… Laken Cane has hit it OUT OF THE PARK with this one. Never before have I read a short story for a series that has had as much impact as this one does. It packs such a punch that I’m still reeling.

I am a HUGE fan of the Rune Alexander series, and this short story is not just a little snack to tide us over until the next book in the series. It is a bona fide, integral part of the story that I can’t imagine doing without. Thank you, Laken Cane. Your fans are going to love you even more for this one."
~Review from Kelly Eurton Reed

Shadows Past is up for pre-order on Amazon right now, with a release date of December 25th, 2014. Order yours now for Christmas!

SHADOWS PAST, #5.5 of the Rune Alexander series

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SHORT for Christmas

I wrote a Rune Alexander short (around 40 pages) for you guys so you'll have a little Shiv Crew to read while you're waiting for book 6! It's called 'Shadows Past, a Rune Alexander short, #5.5 and is set in the time before book 1, Shiv Crew. I'll likely be writing more of these shorts as they're fun, they give a little peek into the lives of the crew, and we get to revisited lost people.

This short will be released on Christmas 2014 for ninety-nine cents and is up for preorder right now! You can find it HERE.

And here is a look at the amazing cover.

I'm also busy writing book 6, as yet untitled although I'm leaning pretty hard toward 'WORMWOOD ECHOES' so watch for updates on that.

I've been asked to do an anthology with some very talented paranormal/fantasy authors, so am really trying hard to get a novella written for that--entirely different series, though, nothing Shiv Crew. Won't that be interesting? <3

Remember to stop by my Facebook page at and, if you'd like, either friend me or follow me. I'd love to have you.

My FB fan page is also getting lots of new members, and those guys are so much fun! If you'd like to join, you can find it at Take a look around and see how you like it. If you're a fan who likes to promote, you can find my street team, Cane's Crew, at

Please feel free to join us at one or all of the above pages.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season!