Sunday, September 7, 2014

Catching Up!

I am almost finished with New Regime. I'm already going back to fix, cut, add, and all that fun stuff, and I have the ending. But I'm still adding some scenes. So close, though!

Next week will be so busy--I'm taking my mom to get a procedure done at the hospital, I've been asked to take some pictures at a wedding, and I have jury duty. All next week :(

I post so much on my Facebook that sometimes I'm neglectful of my website. If you're reading this, come over and friend me! We have a lot of fun over there.

Before I go back to Facebook--um, I mean, before I get to writing--I want to show you what one of my awesome, sweet, gorgeous friends and one of my number one fans, Heather Emmons, made me. Be jealous! :)

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