Monday, May 26, 2014

Strange Trouble

Five stars from Ashley

"Whoa. What can I say about Strange Trouble that I haven’t said about other two books in this series?First off, let me say the perfect soundtrack for this book is Evanescence’s Fallen album. It’s absolutely perfect for this book, maybe even the whole series.

Be ready for heartbreak and devastation. I don’t think I've ever wanted to cry so badly while reading a book and that happened only a few pages in! I almost couldn't keep reading, I was so broken over this one. But, at the same time, I couldn't put it down! It took me less than a day to finish.

Rune and the Shiv Crew have bitten off more than they can chew in this adventure. While in the other books, a lot of the main struggles are from the vampires and the Church of Slayers (COS). In this one, the main struggle comes from zombies and witches and a little girl.

The COS lends their hand at a fair share of trouble too, but that’s mostly in the second part of the book. There’s more romance in this book, maybe even hints at a love triangle, but it’s mostly just action, action, action. The book moves fast, there’s almost no breathing time in between troubles. But it’s written in a way that feels natural.

I really spent most of my time reading asking “what ELSE could possibly go wrong” (the answer to that question is a bunch more can and will go wrong).

I felt for Rune, her struggles, her heartbreak, her fears. Her insecurities almost kick her ass a couple of times, but she’s Rune and she won’t let that happen.

Her abusive ex still haunts her and it doesn't help that someone close to her ex makes an appearance and brings her monsters back to surface. Rune definitely proves that she is still a bad ass but she’s still a girl with feelings that need to be dealt with. I really can’t wait to read the fourth book in this series."
Thank you so much for writing this review, Ashley,and Carol Ray, and Drue's Random Chatter for posting it

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