Saturday, May 17, 2014

Favorite Rune Alexander book?

I posted a new poll in the right sidebar.
Which of the Rune Alexander books so far is your favorite?

I'd love to know why it's your favorite as well. If you'd like to tell me in the comments to this post, that'd be great!

But no pressure--voting on your favorite in the poll will automatically cover you with awesome sauce and make me happy, and that's good enough ;)


  1. I loved the first book. I think it was because you took us on this ride of self discovery through your (Runes) eyes. With the need to control herself and emotions/feelings she made me think back to her experience of trauma as a small child and never learning coping skills that so she kind of developed emotionally crippled. I say this because of her deep desire to feel to ,to hide and to cope. That she developed a form of self mutilation. When a person does this they do it to find a release . The release of her emotions. Because she never learned proper coping skills the self mutilation developed as her form of punishment . Feeling guilt, shame and never knowing how to deal with them she felt that the feel of pain ( physical) (emotionally) was her way of coping. Pain lasts mere minutes compared to emotional pain that lasts a lifetime. So letting herself mutilate she developed her own way of coping. By feeling physical pain she was able to feel the release of her emotional trauma. A weird form of self mutilation! When reading the first book and understanding self mutilation I was drowned very quickly in the first book and never pulled to the surface until obsidian wings came out. Following Runes flight of self discovery was a ride I'd take with her again and again. To put it simply it's really hard to pick the best one of RUNE SERIES because they all bloomed independently and pulled me into each one with the same fervor when reading any of them . However, the first one grabbed you mentally into her role of self discovery and made you laugh,cry, and respond by reading the first one as fast as you could just so u could get to the next novel and finish that flight of discovery as quickly right along with's a ride ill take again when I reread them. So after that long explanation, I think SHIV CREW rocked.

  2. Dawn, thank you so much for that explanation! I love knowing how you feel about the books and how you see Rune and her issues. And I am SO glad you're along for the ride :)