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Obsidian Wings--Book 4

Review from Ashley

5 of 5 stars
Obsidian Wings

"I tried to put off reading this book, not because I’m tired of the series or anything, but because I didn't want to finish. It’s the last book so far in the series (the fifth hasn't come out yet) and I totally wasn't ready for Rune’s adventure to end yet.

Inevitably, I did end up reading it and I devoured it in only a couple hours. It was as amazing as I had expected it to be. Laken Cane has a way with words. Her characters are gritty and real.

Rune is definitely one of my favorite characters, in any book I've pretty much ever read. She’s right up there with Anita Blake.

So this book starts out with some pretty gruesome murders. It’s pretty clear from the get go that it’s the Church of Slayers (COS). But the COS throws the crew for a loop. The murder victims are shifters and the COS are human, so they’re not strong enough on their own; they've been getting Others to help. So, not only does Rune and the Shiv Crew have to find COS, but they have to find the traitors too.

Rune ends up getting kidnapped by the COS and you really get to see how sick and depraved they are. It shows that humans can be sick and evil. The Shiv Crew’s boss starts to show the world and shows the humans what the COS is really capable of. I can hopefully see the end of COS coming soon, but I’m sure they won’t go down without more of a bang.

Rune is still insecure with herself and her choices but she manages to push past her insecurities and get the job done. I have huge hopes for Rune. I hope she’ll finally figure out that she can’t save anyone and you can’t always make the right decision.

Again, like the third book, this one has tons of action. You barely have time to breathe but it’s amazingly done. I can see Rune and the crew growing as well as knitting closer together. They’re all inevitably changed by the COS and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when the horrors of the kidnapping are exposed.

The bird shifters are introduced in this book and I really have to say . . . I hated them. They had no emotions, no sense of right or wrong, it was unnerving. I thought I hated Cree (a banished bird shifter) but at the end of the book you find out her reasoning for doing what she did. I still didn't like her but I didn't hate her anymore. I felt pity towards her.

But the Crew battles on and they are left alive and, mostly intact, for their next adventure. One that I’m anxiously awaiting. I really hope that it isn’t too long of a wait for book five, but anticipation makes it that much sweeter when it is finally released."


Monday, May 26, 2014

Strange Trouble

Five stars from Ashley

"Whoa. What can I say about Strange Trouble that I haven’t said about other two books in this series?First off, let me say the perfect soundtrack for this book is Evanescence’s Fallen album. It’s absolutely perfect for this book, maybe even the whole series.

Be ready for heartbreak and devastation. I don’t think I've ever wanted to cry so badly while reading a book and that happened only a few pages in! I almost couldn't keep reading, I was so broken over this one. But, at the same time, I couldn't put it down! It took me less than a day to finish.

Rune and the Shiv Crew have bitten off more than they can chew in this adventure. While in the other books, a lot of the main struggles are from the vampires and the Church of Slayers (COS). In this one, the main struggle comes from zombies and witches and a little girl.

The COS lends their hand at a fair share of trouble too, but that’s mostly in the second part of the book. There’s more romance in this book, maybe even hints at a love triangle, but it’s mostly just action, action, action. The book moves fast, there’s almost no breathing time in between troubles. But it’s written in a way that feels natural.

I really spent most of my time reading asking “what ELSE could possibly go wrong” (the answer to that question is a bunch more can and will go wrong).

I felt for Rune, her struggles, her heartbreak, her fears. Her insecurities almost kick her ass a couple of times, but she’s Rune and she won’t let that happen.

Her abusive ex still haunts her and it doesn't help that someone close to her ex makes an appearance and brings her monsters back to surface. Rune definitely proves that she is still a bad ass but she’s still a girl with feelings that need to be dealt with. I really can’t wait to read the fourth book in this series."
Thank you so much for writing this review, Ashley,and Carol Ray, and Drue's Random Chatter for posting it

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I'm not sure why, but the votes on my polls all reverted to zero! Must be some sort of Blogger wonkiness.

The interview/gc giveaway is still going on. You have until the 27th to go over and say hi :)

Shiv Crew #1
Blood and Bite #2
Strange Trouble #3
Obsidian Wings #4


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Interview and giveaway!

The ladies at alliwantandmore books are interviewing me today and giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to one commenter so you can pick up a couple of books. Come over and say hi!


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Favorite Rune Alexander book?

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Which of the Rune Alexander books so far is your favorite?

I'd love to know why it's your favorite as well. If you'd like to tell me in the comments to this post, that'd be great!

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Guest Blog

~This is from my friend and fellow author Pamela Turner. Check her out. She's awesome!

A Tale of Two Pentacles and the Pentagonal Cycle of Venus
Ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll tell you television plays a significant influence on my writing. Exterminating Angel was no different. The premise of an archangel unleashing a demon upon the city was inspired in part by an Inspector Lewis episode “Dark Matter,” which involved the Venus Transit. Even more interesting to me was how the Transit is part of an eight-year pentagonal cycle.

For me, this was an excellent way to tie in the two hidden pentacles – one silver, the other gold –
whose powers are at their greatest when the pentagonal cycle is completed. And having both a power-hungry archangel and a manipulative demon trying to find them, well let’s just say it was fun overturning stereotypes. Lucifer may have helped Sorath forge the pentacles, but no way would he ever allow the demon to use them to destroy the universe. As for Zaphkiel, the thought of his scheming boss Ophaniel having control of not only the pentacles but of the Throne angels (whom Ophaniel refers to as Ophanim) is a definite reason to team up with the Devil to try to stop them. Except Zaphkiel’s lost his powers and the Devil prefers to work on a needs-to-know basis.

Making a deal with the Devil is the least of his problems.


Raziel dashed into Ophaniel’s office the next morning. A second late, and he’d be cited for insubordination. He saluted the Ophanim leader, although part of him preferred another, less respectful gesture, and took his place at attention next to Michael, who gave him a sidelong glance, but said nothing.

Sitting behind a massive cherrywood desk, Ophaniel regarded Raziel with penetrating silver eyes. He waved for them to sit in the two upholstered chairs, but they remained standing. “I’m sure you know why you’re here.”

A ceiling-to-floor canvas reproduction of Dore’s painting, The Deluge, covered the wall behind Ophaniel’s desk. The sea green of the churning waves continued on in the sinuous pattern of the dark green carpet. Raziel felt off balance, as if one wrong step would cause him to pitch forward and be sucked under torrential waters.

“It’s about Zaphkiel.” Raziel wiped damp palms against his pants. Come on, get to the point. You want Zaphkiel executed.

Ophaniel folded his hands on the desk. “Murder is a grave offense.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What concerns me is this news about Sorath.” Ophaniel retrieved a sheaf of papers from a hutch behind him. “There’s a rumor concerning some pentacles.” He looked at the archangels. “If Sorath found them, he could destroy heaven. Your orders are to get those pentacles before he does.” He sliced open an envelope with a gold letter opener. “Bring Zaphkiel back, too, or I’ll have your wings ripped out.” He brandished the dull blade at them. “Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Michael saluted.

This was the first Raziel had heard of any pentacles. “How do you expect us to find them?” They might search Kurt’s house, Sorath’s last known location, but unless one of them had a clairvoyant ability to locate objects, they’d have better luck finding that proverbial needle in the haystack.

Ophaniel glared at him. “That’s your problem, not mine. And find them before the Venus Transit, when Sorath’s powers are said to be strongest. Otherwise, if he gets those pentacles, you can kiss your sorry asses good-bye.”


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Release Date!

Obsidian Wings, book four in the Rune Alexander series, has a release date of Monday, May 12th!

I'll post links as soon as it's available.

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Five Stars for Strange Trouble

Reviewer: Merrylee
When a little girl reanimates her dead mother, she inadvertently gives rise to a zombie swarm that nearly overwhelms Rune and her Shiv crew. Like always, they take what’s thrown at them and battle their way through it, but this time, it throws Rune for a mental loop. With a brittle grip on her stability, she hankers for Jeremy, the man whose sadistic knife-wielding abuse once kept her functioning on an even keel. As much as she tries to manage on her own, it’s Strad Matheson, the berserker, who steps in and brings her back from the edge. His fierce loving is exactly what she needs to hold onto her sanity and all that lies ahead.

The zombie infestation is just the start of the crew’s troubles. They must face a maniacal and powerful witch named Damascus, who’s come to neighboring Rock County in search of Master vampire Nicholas Llodra. But Nick, who’d gone mad and slaughtered countless humans and weres, was in jail. When a wrong decision and the resulting massacre turns Rune’s life upside down, she’s given a shocking piece to the puzzle of her true identity. Surprisingly, instead of burying her deeper in the quagmire of insanity, it pulls her free of it, and with Strad and the crew behind her, she plows through the monsters to prove to the entirety of humanity in River County that she and Shiv Crew are there to protect…not to destroy.  

Strange Trouble is book three in the continuing, riveting saga of Rune Alexander and her Shiv Crew, a special group of human and supernatural slayers in the employ of city government, their job to protect the human community from rogue supernaturals. In reality, they protect innocent, law-abiding supernaturals as well, which puts them in the direct path of COS, a fanatical church group set out to destroy not only supernatural, but Rune as well.

Half human, half vampire, Rune is caught between humans and supernaturals. She killed her own adoptive parents, drained them dry, before she even knew she was half vampire. And now, she battles daily to keep her inner monster under control. What she must accept in this installment to the series is that she is her monster. They are one and the same, something that threatens to destroy her from the inside out, if she lets it.

The action starts out strong on page one and doesn't let up. Tense drama and action-filled scenes flow effortlessly from one tragedy and/or adversity into the next. Rune goes through a good deal of introspection in this book, much more than she has in the past. It’s almost as emotionally difficult for readers as it is for Rune. Alternately, you want to crawl into the book and either slap some sense into Rune or hug her tight to your shoulder to let her cry out her misery. And there is a good deal of that in this book. I definitely shed a few tears, but for me, such deep, heart-rending emotion is necessary to make a book good enough to pull me out of my reality and into the fictional lives of an author’s characters.

Laken Cane—whoever she is in her real life (and I have my suspicions)—can draw a reader in like very few authors I’ve ever read. I loved Strange Trouble. And by the way, her ending couldn’t have been better written. Three cheers for Rune Alexander! And a pat on the back for Laken Cane.

Thanks so much for the great review, Merrylee!

Shiv Crew, book one
Blood and Bite, book two
Strange Trouble, book three
Obsidian Wings, book four, coming soon

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