Thursday, April 24, 2014

Teaser from Obsidian Wings

She smiled back at him, but when she looked over his shoulder and caught sight of the body hanging from the side of the building, she lost her affability. “Rice said she’d been tortured.”

He dropped into place beside her as she strode toward the bodies, his voice grim. “Yes. The assholes worked her over pretty good.”

“You think there was more than one killer?”

He shrugged. “RISC is sending transport to take her in, so we won’t know much until she’s examined. But I don’t see how one person could have gotten her nailed up there like that. She’s a big woman.”

“A couple of strong men wouldn’t have had much trouble.”

“She’s a bird shifter.”

“Birds are scarce in town.”

“Scarcer, now,” he said.
From Obsidian Wings, Book Four in the Rune Alexander series.
Coming soon!

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