Monday, March 10, 2014

Amazon Review

"Took me three days but only because kids and family kept bothering me. This series is really great. Constant action and several characters that you wind up loving in a very short time.

Rune is a flawed but completely kick butt heroine. I love the fact that she is flawed, admits it, shake it off and gets right back to kicking tail. She does not wait around for others to save her or whines about things. ( so tired of all the whiny tragic female leads in most books)

The men.....super hot! Reminds me just VERY slightly of the old Anita Blake before she just got a little over the top. This is more action than romance but it is a very nice blend of both. I am an avid book reader of most genres...and it has been a LONG while since a series has excited me again. Just wish I knew the alternate name of the author so I could buy more of her stuff. Quit reading this review, just buy all three books, kick your family out of the house and ENJOY!!!"

Thank you, reviewer! :)
Shiv Crew
Blood and Bite
Strange Trouble
Obsidian Wings (WIP)

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