Thursday, January 2, 2014


My mother is now out of the hospital--since yesterday afternoon--and I'm starting to get back into a routine. I'm writing furiously and if nothing unexpected happens again, I'll continue writing furiously!

I noticed a couple of very nice new reviews on Amazon--and one of them was posted on my birthday. That was a very nice birthday gift! ♥

Some things about the crew--

Rune wrestles almost constantly with her inner demons. She's not going to be full of false modesty. She and the crew ARE awesome--and she's never going to be afraid to say that. She's a strong, amazing woman. She knows it.

Shiv Crew is not about romance. Will there be sex and romantic elements in future books? Hell yes. There already are.

There are several strong, gorgeous, amazing males--and they have no trouble following their captain, who happens to be a woman. Except maybe for the berserker, who does what he wants no matter what she says.

Maybe that's why readers like him so much. :)

Strange Trouble is coming along nicely once again. I'm so glad to be back in the story. I missed the crew!

To those of you who are anxiously awaiting book three, it will be finished and released as soon as I can get it out there. I already have ideas for book four! Also to those of you who are so supportive, who take the time to write reviews (even negative ones), who send me messages telling me how you love the books, how these stories take you to your happy place, how they make you forget, for a little while, your own troubles...thank you. You can't know how much that means to me.

These books are for you.


Shiv Crew, book one in the Rune Alexander series
Blood and Bite, book two in the Rune Alexander series
Strange Trouble, book three, coming soon!


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