Monday, January 6, 2014


The end is in sight.
The end of Strange Trouble, that is. :))
So close. Unless something happens to delay me, I'll be finished before the week is out. I've been editing, cutting, and rewriting as I go--not sure why but that's how it happened this time--so edits won't take as long as usual.
That's one of the reasons it took me this long to write this book--the editing as I go thing. I rarely do that, but this time it seemed the right thing to do.
So now...
The end is in sight!
I want to give you a taste, so I'll probably post a couple of snippets during the next few days, starting now:

Strange Trouble, book three in the Rune Alexander series--

Owen grinned. “We’ll do our best. And after this, Rune, you and I are going to—”
“After this,” the berserker interrupted, his voice soft and even, “you and I will need to talk.”
Owen inclined his head. “I guess we will.”


Shiv Crew
Blood and Bite
Strange Trouble, coming soon


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