Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ManicReaders Review of Blood and Bite

New review from ManicReaders reviewer Merrylee


“I am my monster, and my monster is me.”

Once in awhile you encounter a series of books that are so fresh and exciting you just can’t get enough of them. You do more than enjoy the story lines, you make friends with the characters and get so involved in their lives you forget where your own life begins and ends. And sometimes, when your life isn’t the best, books like these—like the Rune Alexander series—lift you up from the depths of your despair and involve you in something more beneficial than your own gloom. This series has done that for me, thus far on two occasions. Perhaps it can do the same for you.

In River County, Ohio, Shiv Crew has a new boss in Elizabeth Peel. Rune has kept her promise to her best friend and Shiv Crew’s office assistant, Ellie, to get her head on straight with some in-patient counseling. Raze has spent his month in jail for impulsively giving into his rat phobia and skewering a rat shifter. And the berserker, Strad Matheson, has taken off for Pennsylvania on personal business he keeps secret from Shiv Crew, even Rune, who’s come to mean more to him than he ever counted on. What he brings back with him knocks Rune for an emotional loop, making her step back to reconsider their developing relationship. But that’s not the end of Rune’s troubles. The vampire master of Spiritgrove, Nicholas Llodra, has gone mad. He’s been an ally of sorts, and now Shiv Crew has been tasked with destroying him—all while Rune fights to save a child from a mad man threatening his life. Just when she thinks things can't possibly get worse, she discovers an awful truth about herself. Her blood. And the unintentional consequences of her bite.

More emotional but a bit less dark than book one, Blood and Bite by Laken Cane continues the non-stop action and intrigue from Shiv Crew, while expanding the relationship between Rune and Strad. After her month with the shrinks, Rune is dealing a bit more logically with her inner “monster,” but she’s still and probably always will be a bit messed up…I hope. It remains a part of who she is as the leader of Shiv Crew and what she means to each and every one of them. The on-again, off-again liaison between Ellie and Levi is also touched upon. While Levi fights his affections for Ellie, Ellie secretly endures the pain of unrequited love. There’s so much emotion between these two, I’d love to see some up close interactions between them in upcoming books. Speaking of which, there’s an unresolved issue at the end of Blood and Bite that provides a great cliffhanger leading into book three, Strange Trouble. Its release can’t come too soon for me.

~ManicReaders reviewer Merrylee

Thank you so much, Merrylee!

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