Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Five Stars for Shiv Crew

Five Stars for Shiv Crew

HELL YEAH!!!!!! Now this was a damn good book.

This might not have been the best book I read but what this book did was make me remember how much I love Urban Fantasy. Shiv Crew echoed the great UF books of the past before everything turned into paranormal romance with sparkly vampires and weak-ass shifters. There is nothing weak, sparkly or sweet about this book and I love that.

Shiv Crew definitely followed some of the typical UF traps. Hot little girl, hot guys surrounding her, hot little girl is all powerful and alpha love interest but this doesn't hurt the story at all. There are many little unique things about this book but the one thing that I love was Lex, a beautiful black female who may or may not have a love triangle with twins (if she doesn't, she needs to). As a black female I always rejoice when I see a minority character that is not stereotyped.

If you read UF from ten years ago and you wish that UF would go back to that awesomeness definitely check out this book.

~Tammi from Goodreads


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