Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blurb for Book 3, Strange Trouble

Book 3 coming soon...

A baby necromancer calls her mother from the grave, starting a zombie infestation Rune and the crew are not prepared to handle.

But as always, they jump headlong into battle--a battle that will lead into some of the darkest moments of Rune's life. Moments that will shatter her tenuous grip on sanity and make her long for the man whose abuse allowed her to function.

And when she falls, the berserker is there to catch her. To bring her back. To give her what she needs.

The zombies are just the beginning. Worse even than the zombies is what comes after--a nightmare witch named Damascus, a horrific decision, and death.

Always, death.

As she is given another jagged piece to the puzzle of her past, Rune knows that despite its best attempts, life doesn't have the ability to destroy her--though she offers it all the help it might need.

With Strad Matheson and the crew behind her, Rune will stride through hell, horror, and a world not her own to show the monsters why Shiv Crew is the scariest group of warriors they will ever face...

~Strange Trouble, book three in the Rune Alexander series.
Release date to be announced.

Book 1--Shiv Crew
Book 2--Blood and Bite

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