Monday, October 28, 2013

Strange Trouble

Just a tentative little peek at what's going on in the first draft of book three. Remember--first draft and unedited. Things tend to change a bit with the second draft. ;)

The ground was a cold, hard bed. She smelled the sharp, sour scent of old blood mixing with new blood. She sensed the determination of Spring as it tried to break through the frozen ground.

Crushed leaves, the dried skeletons of dozens of tiny animals, birds ruffling their feathers as they watched from naked trees. A vision of Llodra swam through the murky waters drowning her mind.

“Destroy the brains,” someone shouted. She didn’t recognize the voice. Or maybe she did. What was a voice? What was a brain?

Suddenly she was back at the Inn, letting Strad into her room.
He came at her like a bulldozer. A tornado. A raging man filled with grief and pain and desperation.
His voice echoed in her mind. Rune, Rune.

But then he was Jeremy, and she was restrained in her bed, and Jeremy was cutting, cutting…

She began to seize, understanding what was happening as her body convulsed. Not long ago she’d been hit with a vaccinator, an evil invention of the Church of Slayers. It was like that, only…

The next time she swam to the surface of awareness two men in uniforms leaned over her, determined looks on their faces. “We’ll have to kill her. She’s becoming one of them.”

And he pointed his gun at her head.

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