Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Stars!

A perfect start to my day, along with a hot cup of coffee--I just received a five star review from Manic Readers reviewer Merrylee for Shiv Crew.

I've posted some excerpts of the review below. To read the full review, click here to go to the Manic Readers website.


"...Laken Cane’s first book, Shiv Crew, opens a monumental new urban fantasy series that promises to blow the rest of its ilk out of the water."

"...As a heroine, Rune is flawed and imperfect…just like all of us, but in her own unique way."

"...I warn you, her means of self-flagellation to make amends and seek peace for her past wrongs isn’t easy to witness."

"...Personally, I’ve put Laken Cane (pseudonym of a published paranormal romance author currently living in the Midwest) at the top of my auto-buy list and can’t wait for book two in her Rune Alexander series, Blood and Bite, to come out."

To read the full review, click here

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