Monday, April 15, 2013


Shiv Crew


Full name--Zeveriah Kader

Spiritgrove Criminal Recovery Unit's--SCRU--resident geek/retriever
Dirty blond hair, lean build, 6'2, hazel eyes

She called the station and the paramedics then strode toward Z and the girl, a shiver of unease running down her spine. It didn’t make sense, and she didn’t like it when things didn’t make sense.
At her voice he took his arms from around the girl and stood, flinching when the girl gave a little scream and launched herself at him. She hugged his legs and trembled, her breathing harsh.
“She’s in shock, Rune. Did you call it in?”
“Fifteen minutes.”
He shot a worried look down at the girl. “She’s in a bad way. Fifteen minutes is fucking eternity. Maybe we should drive her to town.”
She knelt down to look at the girl. Z’s biggest weakness was women—he’d been known to lose his easygoing attitude and go ape shit when a female was hurt. It was one of his best qualities, and one of his biggest flaws.

Next up--The twins

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