Friday, April 12, 2013

Jack Slaughter

Shiv Crew 

The best shooter in the crew, next to Rune.
He specializes in blades, as do all the Shiv Crew.

Excerpt from Shiv Crew--

...Jack and Raze arrived, their entrance as loud and hard as Z’s had been quiet. They brought energy with them. The air seemed to swirl with it.

Those two were her giants. They intimidated by size alone. Jack was smaller than Raze, but that wasn’t saying much. 

Jack’s muscles bunched as he stood with feet apart, arms akimbo, watching the twins.

He wore his dark hair short in a neat buzz cut, and like the other two men had quite an assortment of tattoos on his body. He wore his weapons like jewelry—belts draped across his massive chest, knives and poms in holsters and sheaths, silver blades gleaming from every available space.

Sex oozed from Jack’s pores and she’d never known a woman who could resist him. Or who wanted to. Good thing she had some rules about fucking the men she worked with, or she’d never have gotten anything done.

Tomorrow: Raze

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