Friday, April 19, 2013

The Twins

Denim and Levi Montrosa

She looked up when she heard footsteps.


Ellis was right. These two were hot enough to set the rug on fire. They were identical twins. Their hair was long and dark brown, and each man sported a braided ponytail that reached his lower back.

Identical pairs of jewel-green eyes stared at her from olive skinned faces with high cheekbones, full lips, and brows that slashed with perfect darkness over their hypnotic stares.

They weren’t huge, bulky, and muscled like Jack and Raze—they were lean and slender like Z.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Shiv Crew


Full name--Zeveriah Kader

Spiritgrove Criminal Recovery Unit's--SCRU--resident geek/retriever
Dirty blond hair, lean build, 6'2, hazel eyes

She called the station and the paramedics then strode toward Z and the girl, a shiver of unease running down her spine. It didn’t make sense, and she didn’t like it when things didn’t make sense.
At her voice he took his arms from around the girl and stood, flinching when the girl gave a little scream and launched herself at him. She hugged his legs and trembled, her breathing harsh.
“She’s in shock, Rune. Did you call it in?”
“Fifteen minutes.”
He shot a worried look down at the girl. “She’s in a bad way. Fifteen minutes is fucking eternity. Maybe we should drive her to town.”
She knelt down to look at the girl. Z’s biggest weakness was women—he’d been known to lose his easygoing attitude and go ape shit when a female was hurt. It was one of his best qualities, and one of his biggest flaws.

Next up--The twins

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Shiv Crew--

'Raze and Jack were her giants...'

Raze is the largest of the Shiv Crew--a bulldozer of a man.

He is good at reading people--Rune calls this his 'spidey sense' and often looks to him to tell her if a person is trustworthy or not.

His past is a mystery to her but he must have had a harsh one, for in the three years she has known him, she has never seen him smile. Not once.

He has long, messy hair and light gray eyes. With his build and his sorrowful eyes, he is one gorgeous man.

“How do we reach them?” Z asked.
Rune shrugged. “He didn’t say. Just that they’re under the church.”
“Tear that bastard down brick by brick,” Sherry shouted. “Let me at the mother--”
“Shut up, Sherry,” Rune said, her voice mild but her eyes narrow. She got tired fast of hearing bullshit from the bald lady. Sherry shut up.
Satisfied, Rune looked at Jack. “You and the twins go inside, see if there is a way down. Radio me if you find anything. Z, Sherry, and I will take the back. Raze, do the sides.” She hesitated. “Do you want one of the twins?”
Raze snorted. “No.”
Truthfully, he wouldn’t need a second man with him. He was Raze, after all.

Next intro: Z

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jack Slaughter

Shiv Crew 

The best shooter in the crew, next to Rune.
He specializes in blades, as do all the Shiv Crew.

Excerpt from Shiv Crew--

...Jack and Raze arrived, their entrance as loud and hard as Z’s had been quiet. They brought energy with them. The air seemed to swirl with it.

Those two were her giants. They intimidated by size alone. Jack was smaller than Raze, but that wasn’t saying much. 

Jack’s muscles bunched as he stood with feet apart, arms akimbo, watching the twins.

He wore his dark hair short in a neat buzz cut, and like the other two men had quite an assortment of tattoos on his body. He wore his weapons like jewelry—belts draped across his massive chest, knives and poms in holsters and sheaths, silver blades gleaming from every available space.

Sex oozed from Jack’s pores and she’d never known a woman who could resist him. Or who wanted to. Good thing she had some rules about fucking the men she worked with, or she’d never have gotten anything done.

Tomorrow: Raze